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A Tradition of Shared Smiles: Widener Show

The curtains open and the spotlight shines upon the stage as musicians, dancers, and singers stand before the audience. The Widener Show is an annual showcase performed since the 1950s to celebrate the holidays with our fellow neighboring school: Widener Memorial School. Per tradition, Widener students were invited to Central and a performance was dedicated to their visit. On the 18th of December, the 75th Widener Show brought crowds of seniors and Widener students together in jubilant cheer.

Weeks before Widener’s visit, students and teachers were hard at work to make sure that everything would be ready for the special day. Mr. Burns, English and theater teacher, took up the responsibility of directing the show for the second time. Auditions and sign-ups were held during the beginning of the month and rehearsals followed up to the day before the Widener Show.  

Andre Pak (278), singer and dancer, expressed, “Performing at the Widener Show was a humbling experience, especially seeing all the joyful spirits in the audience. This tradition is always fun because everyone is super supportive. I’m glad to have taken this opportunity to make people smile.”

Selena Tran (278), vocalist, exclaimed, “It was great seeing the happy faces of the Widener kids. I’m glad we got to spread joy through our performances!”

Led by Ms. Cervantes, seniors volunteered to be buddies with the Widener visitors. Each Widener student was paired up with two seniors who would act as guides as they made their way around the school. Central volunteers welcomed the Widener students at the entrance with warm smiles. Guiding the students up the hill and into the building, seniors and Widener students shared friendly conversation. After the showcase, Widener students were guided to the Wrestling Gym where catered lunch was prepared.

Tammy Nguyen (278) expressed, “I’ve participated on our annual Widener Day for the past three years already and it never fails to be a success. My friends and I have so much fun spending time with Widener students, especially when we tour around Central. We always create this unbreakable bond where we automatically feel like best friends.”

Sam Reilly (278) stated, “Widener was an amazing experience where I was able to communicate with others who are unlike me. They warm my heart with their kindness, and I wouldn’t trade that day for any other.”

The holidays are a time of giving and the Widener tradition is a great illustration of Central’s spirit of giving back to the community to bring smiles upon other’s faces. Let our alma mater sing loud and proud of the traditions we hold close to our hearts.


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