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A Touchdown for the Field of Female Football

(Left to right) are coach Shamar Reeder (279), Trinity Osbourne (279), Samantha Mangus (279), Krupa James (279), Xenia Owens (278), Nyla Wright (278), DeMadelye Navarro (278), Emma Brellochs (278), Molly Bevenour (278), and coach Michael Horwits. PC: David Maialetti from Phily.com.

As the weather gets colder and the the skies get darker, the footballs come out and the stadium lights go on. 2018 was a monumental year for the sport of powderpuff football. This year, coming off of the first ever tie in powderpuff history in 2017, 278 set out with the goal of retaining their title. Meanwhile, the juniors of 279 were hungry to snatch away a victory, remaining unsuccessful. However, this year, there was a twist. The winner of the Central powderpuff game went on to play the winner of Northeast’s powderpuff game. This was the first time in history that multiple schools would partake in such a long-held tradition.

The game between the senior and junior classes started with big hopes in mind to retain bragging rights for the rest of the year. The players, coaches, and fans were all ready to see a showdown on the field. It was a hard fought game to the end by both sides, but 278 eventually came out victorious with a score of 24-6. When asked about what she thought of the game, Molly Bevenour, quarterback of 278’s team, said “Powderpuff was very fun, we worked really well as a team and were able to put our practice plays into action!” After retaining their title, the seniors had another task at hand, the senior Powderpuff team at Northeast High School.

It was a cold night under the lights of the Northeast Supersite. The first ever powderpuff game between schools in Philadelphia was set to kick off. The speed, the strength, and the game was electrifying. After a valiant effort by 278, they eventually fell to the Lady Vikings of Northeast in a game with a final score of 16-0. However, no heads were held low as Central’s players knew they were setting a precedent for years to come. As as a result of the inaugural interscholastic powderpuff game, a trend has begun to take hold. Michael Horwits, class of 251 and coach of the senior team said, “I think [a district football league for girls] has potential. I think it definitely is an option which would give more chances for students to participate in an interscholastic sport that would add to their high school experience.” Regardless of the outcome of the game, the players on the field demonstrated remarkable strength and resilience. After this game, other schools might follow suit and hold games of their own and maybe even make a league for women’s football. If that were to occur, Central would be in good hands knowing the girls on the field would make us all proud.


Maddie Mast (278), Taylor Viz (278), and Molly Bevenour (278)


PC: Makenzie Elizabeth (279)


(Left to right):  Trinity Osbourne (279) and Demadelye Navarro (278).


PC: David Maialetti from Phily.com


Tristen Jennings (278)

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