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Central THON Breaks Records for Annual Toy Drive

Since its inception in 2015, Central THON has worked towards “helping kids be kids” by fundraising for the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

The Central THON committee has partnered up with Child Life, a program within CHOP that assists families with children who have illness purely through donations. Child Life is considered one of the strongest programs nationwide on providing excellent patient care to their children.

Central THON also relies upon the good heartedness of donors to raise funds and send them to CHOP for the children. All of the committee’s hard work throughout the year culminates to an annual dance marathon held in the spring. Committee member Esmeralda Zere (278) commented on why she and other Central students are passionate about the cause, stating “There’s so many things that you think you can’t do at this age. This is one way to express how young people can change the world. That is a world, a child’s world. I think I can speak for the whole committee in saying we all care about the cause, providing all children with the opportunity of proper care.”

Although the dance marathon is what THON is centered around, the committee does not focus solely on that opportunity to raise money for CHOP. One of the prime examples would be this year’s Central Toy Drive. Starting from November 13th to December 14th, THON hosted its very own toy drive, where students were able to donate new and unwrapped toys just in time for the holiday season, where the faces of child patients will shine brightly upon receiving their gifts.

This year the toy drive was a partnership between THON and  National Honors Society. Members of THON and NHS are considered leaders of the school, and could reach a wider range of students as a combined force. In addition to the toy drive, THON and NHS members went around homerooms, collecting additional monetary donations and spreading the word about the toy drive and THON’s message. By the end of the toy drive, a record collection of 425 toys were donated, which was a little over twice the amount of toys donated the previous year.

With every year, Central THON grows bigger and better, and this year is no expectation. For this year’s spring event, THON is partnering up with Niños Primeros en Salud, a program in the Dominican Republic that provides free pediatric care.

If up to $5000 are raised, transportation costs for home visits and follow up care would be covered along with laboratory tests, a three years’ supply of nutritional supplement packets, and three months‘ worth of necessary medication. A quarter of the donations accumulated from Central THON will go towards the Dominican branch and aid towards providing for all of the services listed above. The committee continues to work hard in order to expand their efforts and make Central proud.

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PC: Kejsi Ruka

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PC: Kejsi Ruka

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(Left to right) Dr. Drago (THON Sponsor), Kejsi Ruka, Esmeralda Zere, and Kimberly Dani.           PC: A friendly hospital staff


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