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Swimming Team Wins Public League Championship

Congratulations to Central’s swimming team for winning the Public League Championship! Led by Coach Tracey Freeland and swimmers Emma Kingsley (280) and Danny Jiang (278), the team ended their season with a pristine, undefeated record. The team beat schools such as Masterman and Girls High School. Additionally, Kingsley participates in the freestyle distance, backstroke, and mid distance. Jiang partakes in the 200 free and 500 races.

To make up for Central’s lack of a swimming pool, the team had to alternate practicing at Pickett Mastery Charter and Widener School throughout the season. Their hard work and hours of practice paid off; the team attended the District Championships this past weekend. If the athletes perform well in Districts, they will move on to the State championships. Wish them luck!

Jordan Carrier (280)

Sports Editor

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