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Come See the Counselors

Dear Central Students (Especially you, 279),

Come down to the Counselor’s Suite and make some connections! Central High School is an institution robust with opportunities, but the details of such can only be uncovered by those who directly look for them. Information of this kind becomes increasingly important to juniors who are just beginning to navigate the world of higher education and alternatives. This summer will be the last chance to do something unique that shows colleges their interest(s). The counselors office is the perfect place to search for chances like this and much more.

High school is a different time for everybody. Not everyone fits into the same box, and those who don’t always thrive in the traditional educational system are sometimes left on their own. The counselors exist to combat this issue and many others.

An appointment or random walk-in can lead to anywhere from casual conversations and/or private talks to what you thought wasn’t possible. Such amazing opportunities include internships, specialized extracurricular activities, dual-enrollment programs, college summer programs, SAT and ACT prep and waivers, and a wide array of college application advice.

The counseling staff would not be what it is without the types of students who walk in and out every day. Students should not wait until they absolutely need a counselor’s signature to meet with them. Of course there are assemblies and other meetings, but don’t be afraid to implore and advocate for yourself. Formulate a list of your interests, top schools, or favorite band. Start the conversation where you feel comfortable, but don’t wait too long to make it happen! The best recommendations are written by relationships that are cultivated over time. If you are a junior reading this, start to get to know the person who will change the rest of your life TODAY. The same advice applies to any other student reading this, but ESPECIALLY to members of 279.

Now that the importance of the counselor’s suite has been emphasized, it’s time to learn who they are along with what they do. Central has three types of counselors–all of which are hard-working women who can’t wait to get to know you and help you succeed! The general counselors are Ms. Snyder (caseload: last names A-L) and Ms. Wardlaw (caseload: last names M-Z). These counselors generally advise students in grades 9-10. The College Advisors are Ms. Chasan (caseload: last names A-L) and Ms. Marrow (caseload: last names M-Z). The College Advisors are reserved the beginning of the school year for Seniors in order to help them with their college application processes. In early spring, when most college acceptances have been sent out, they shift their attention to Juniors and explain what comes after high school. And finally, there’s the Behavioral Health counselor/ IB counselor, Dr. Soda. She facilitates Central’s Mental Health agenda and aides IB students exclusively with their issues and concerns.

This article wouldn’t be complete without an actual counselor involved, so I’ve asked renowned college advisor, Elana Chasan, to shed some light on her impact. When asked about the components of her role, Ms. Chasan proudly reported that she “…break[s] down the college planning process for students so that they can make the most informed decisions regarding their futures.” She understands that the “…application season is a vulnerable time for students and families”, but nevertheless, she is “…dedicated to providing information, resources, and advocacy through the process, as well as helping students work through personal struggles they may face both before and after the decision letters arrive.” A counselor’s job is complex and seemingly never-ending, so time is understandably the most malicious obstacle. The staff have many requests to fulfill in sometimes very narrow time windows but nevertheless always “…work diligently to ensure that all seniors have a post-secondary plan in place that is best for them, whether that be college, military, trade school, gap year, or taking advantage of programs like Job Corps.” When asked for some advice on next year for 279, Ms. Chasan provided the following statement: “Work on your college essay before the start of senior year, plan to have taken the SAT or ACT twice (the latest being October 2019), become familiar with deadlines and plan out how you will be applying (early action, early decision, regular decision, rolling), try to use spring break to visit colleges or check out open house dates where you can get a feel for what the campus life is like, meet with teachers regarding letter of recommendation requests, and plan to continue challenging yourself throughout senior year. Don’t let the process overwhelm you. We are here to help you through it all…!”

Along with that, please save the following dates for more information:

Thursday, March 14th – College Prep Assembly for 279, and

Thursday, March 21st – College Planning Night for 279 students and parents!



By Enoch Tariku, 279

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