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Varsity Girls’ Basketball Player Profile: Jordan Carrier

As a varsity Central basketball player, time management, dedication, support, and energy are the keys to success. My first year playing varsity basketball provided me with life lessons and an exceptional learning experience. Because it was my first year on the team, I expected minimal game-playing time. However, I realized that practice everyday until 5:40 pm provided an opportunity for me to prove myself while gaining confidence, skills, and strength.

The varsity girls’ basketball team’s season is still active. On Friday, March 8, we have a state’s game against Council Rock North due to our win against Girls’ High for the 6A Public League Championship title! Although it is enjoyable to have succeeded this far, commitment and hard work during incessant, rigorous practices is still necessary. By getting home around 7pm on every practice day, I have learned to manage my time efficiently enough to get all my homework done and receive a decent amount of sleep.

Thanks to my 2 coaches: Coach Wesley and Coach Delina Adams, I have learned that listening and infusing a coach’s advice into your everyday practice is conducive to positive outcomes and progress. Our team over the season has flourished into a supportive, communicative, exuberant, and safe space. I love being part of such a close-knit team. We take our growth as players and students very seriously; therefore, I have learned that in order to help the team, encouragement, support, advice, and honesty should be provided at all times.

Jordan Carrier (280)

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