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280 Meets USciences

About 98% of students graduate Central and attend a college or university or immediately begin their careers. Some Central students who want to pursue a career in a science-related field attend the University of the Sciences. 11th graders in Ms. Thornton’s, Ms. Troung’s, and Ms. Bonner’s chemistry classes were invited to go on a trip to the University of the Sciences in order to be exposed to numerous careers that relate to science and to know more about the University. The students that attended were split into five different tracks, all of which had a variety of science-related courses such as chemistry, psychology, pharmacy, pharmaceutical business and sciences, medical laboratory science, and physical and occupational therapies. Additionally, students had the opportunity to become CPR certified through a CPR course where students learn how to do CPR (or cardiopulmonary resuscitation) as well as assist a choking victim. There were other courses arranged such as learning how to take blood pressure and how to listen to a heartbeat and lungs with a stethoscope as well as differentiate between normal heartbeat and lung sounds and irregular ones, a useful skill for those who want to study medicine.

One skill that was learned through the pharmaceutical business course that is useful in any career whether it’s science-related or not is teamwork. This was demonstrated through an activity that involved creating a t-shirt to promote charities for many different causes such as mental health and cancer awareness. As a team, we had to create a concept for a charity and a shirt for it. When asked how this trip influenced his views on science, Zion Sykes (280) replied, “I just thought that it was very mind-opening to the different things that you can pursue. I honestly wouldn’t have known that so many things could fall under the umbrella term of science. I thought it was very interesting seeing the whole process of learning about the people who have to approve the medicine and those who have to market it.” Similarly, I asked Xhoana Qoshlli (280) the same question to which she replied “[it] made me question which medical field I would like to pursue, and that studying for a major in medicine can be fun and beneficial.”

Many of these courses also discussed the programs at USciences that students could apply for, the cost, and the amount of time it takes to complete the programs. Every track also included a Central Alumni panel and a current USciences student panel where recent graduates of Central and the Alumni discussed how Central helped them achieve their goals. They advised the current Central students on what to do during and after high school through their own personal experiences. One thing that many of the Alumni had in common was that while they were at Central, most of them were not passionate about a specific field of study nor did they know what university they wanted to apply to. Some of the Alumni did not have good grades at Central either. However, they all assured that there is always an option for each student after they graduate from Central. Whether it includes attending universities such as USciences, or an Ivy League like the University of Pennsylvania, success can be achieved through perseverance.


Amanda Serjani (280)

Staff Writer


USciences Trip

Shirt worn by Justin Thornton (280) that represents a charity for breast cancer awareness | PC: Xhoana Qoshlli (280)

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