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The Science Olympiad Academic Team

Science Olympiad | PC: Auburn university

Students can put their knowledge relating to numerous science fields ranging from biology to chemistry to good use by applying to the Science Olympiad. Founded in 1984, the Science Olympiad offers students of all grades an opportunity to participate in rigorous science competitions. Every year, over 7,800 middle schools and high schools from various states compete against each other. Students are able to gain new experiences through 450 tournaments throughout different college campuses while also challenge themselves in a wide-range of science subjects.In addition, Science Olympiad also often holds workshops pertaining to the field of STEM where students can gather ideas and learn more about their possible career path. 

Although 15 members are chosen to participate as a team in the Science Olympiad, most applicants are placed into either Division B or C. Division A is reserved for elementary students, Division B is for middle school students, and Division C is held for high-school students. Team members with different skill sets and grade levels are strategically chosen in order to ensure a larger possibility of success in tournaments that calls for different concepts and academic backgrounds. The teams can participate up to 23 events in several categories: Life, Personal, and Social Science, Earth & Space Science, Physical Science & Chemistry, Technology & Engineering, and Inquiry & Nature of Science. 

Additionally, teams are given the chance to participate in regional, state, and national competitions; if a group of students excel in regional and state competitions, they are eligible to take part in national competitions held in late May at various universities. In total, there are 120 teams hosted at the national competition and the top ten teams in each division are rewarded with trophies and plagues. 

This year, Jay Pandya (279) and Gabriel Raytis (279) will be starting Central’s first Science Olympiad Team with Ms. Bonner as the sponsor. Any students interested in science may join even if they do not have an extensive science background. The first meeting for the Science Olympiad is held Tuesday, 10/29 in Room 84. Students in the Olympiad team will be given the same chance to compete with other schools in different fields of science. These events are designed in a way that will require the utilization of real-world skills and assist in improving oneself through the enhancement of skill sets like team-bonding, an ability essential for the future of successful students. By joining Central’s first Science Olympiad Team, students will be able to not only gain more knowledge about different fields of science, but also to acquire new experiences and make achievements that will be a part of them for their future years to come.


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