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Cup Noodles Take Over

The ghosts of the Music Noodle House past. | PC: Grace Jickling

                 Imagine you’re in class on a sluggish Monday afternoon. After a long day at school, you are craving a snack. Many Central students choose not to eat the lunch provided by the school, and our appetites are greater than our bagged lunches. Luckily, the Central Music Department found a solution to this issue: Cup Noodles. Throughout the month of October, students were able to purchase a salty and satiating cup of ramen for $1. The ramen was purchased by the Music Department or donated by families for one fourth of the selling price. Profits gained from ramen sales will help fund the Music Department’s trip to Puerto Rico during Spring Break of April 2020. In order to lower costs for individual students, the Music Department hoped that this fundraiser would be successful… and it was! Mr. Blazer, the head of the Music Department, tells us that “on a day when the student volunteers are well supplied, they sell about 300 cups of ramen” to Central students and faculty members. In addition to the classic Cup Noodles flavor being available, the Music Department sold the spicy variety for $2. These spicy ramen cups could be enjoyed by Central’s vegetarian and vegan students! As we transition into winter months, the Music Department will begin to sell hot chocolate during the school day. To all Cup Noodles fans, ramen will be available only on Wednesdays. Make sure to stop by the Music Department office to support the student volunteers and their upcoming trip!


Kate Ratner (280)

Op-Ed Editor

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