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Turkey Bowl 2019: Central Hungry for a Win

Lancers prepare for the Turkey Bowl | PC: Max Hall

On Thanksgiving day,  2019, the annual homecoming football game was held at Central’s home field against its biggest rival: Northeast. Lancers felt prepared for the biggest game of the year after extra practices and training. The team was hungry for a win and felt confident going in. With many fans coming out to support the two teams came an exciting and intense game that finished with Northeast as the victors, 34-16.


Central began the game with an early lead of 7-0. At the end of the first quarter, the team felt particularly good after staying solid, working the ball well and maintaining a strong defensive hold. Then Northeast took Central by storm, scoring two touchdowns in the second quarter, causing Central’s defensive line to become more askew. Still, the Lancers stayed strong. The game was most intense as Central’s quarterback, Reginald Holiday, was concussed and had to be taken off the field by paramedics. Yet Central fired back and scored again not long before Northeast scored their final points, making the game 34-16.


Alban Birdaini (281) was proud of his team, despite losing: “Our team showed true sportsmanship, and even though we ended up losing we put in a tremendous team effort and expect to come back next year stronger than ever. “


The team will indeed come back strong by putting in hard work (a.k.a grinding) in the offseason and is determined to become even more of a united front that kicks viking butt.


Anika Koruba (281)

Staff Writer

Game Overview:

  • Last win against NE on thanksgiving was in 2013
  • First Quarter: CHS #33 scores TD, +1 point conversion
  • 3rd Quarter: CHS 2 Point Safety, NE intercepts late in 3rd quarter
    • CHS #11 Injured → stretched off field
  • 4th Quarter: #33 → Huge run. CHS #33 throws TD, completed by #44, +1 Point conversion
  • On-side punt late in 4th quarter, successful possession
  • Northeast wins, Final: 36-16

Maximilian Hall

Op-Ed Editor


The team and cheerleaders gather before the big game. | PC: Max Hall

unnamed (1)

Students and teachers alike watch as the game unfolds. | PC: Max Hall

unnamed (2)

Cheerleaders preparing for an exhilarating game. | PC: Max Hall

unnamed (3)

The cheerleaders assemble a pyramid to hype up Central. | PC: Max Hall

unnamed (4)

The sun was blazing as the teams looked at each other from opposite sides of the stadium. | PC: Max Hall

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