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Widener Showcase: A Performance to Remember

Widener President and his peers receive 279 merchandise from the cabinet of Central High. | PC: Max Hall (279)

On December 17, seniors reported to the auditorium instead of going to second and third periods to attend the annual Widener Showcase. This tradition brings in students from the Widener Memorial School, our neighbor school along West Olney Ave. The performance featured a series of songs performed live, either sung acapella, accompanied by guitar, piano, and so much more. 

The Emcees of the program, President Viktor Kagan and Vice-President Sylvia Cho, welcomed in a very special performance collectively delivered by the Widener and Central students. The tango number between Widener gentleman and Central ladies had the crowds ready for the rest of the program. 

The show continued with multiple musical performances, one of which, the execution of “Last Christmas,” had the audience members waving their phones in the air to the rhythm of the song.  

The showcase was finished off with a dazzling performance by the pep squad. 

Afterwards, Widener student president and his peers were asked up to the stage and given Ring Ceremony shirts as well as a scholarship for the student president from donations for the show.

Overall, this tradition is well at Central as we look forward to welcoming the talented students of Widener and Central to perform together in the following years. 


Jessica Lvov and Grace Jickling



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