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The Bedazzled Toilet!

The infamous bedazzled toilet | PC: Nina Feinberg

The week before midterms got off to a shining start for all the girls at Central. A crafty artist with a mission to bring joy to unsuspecting female bathroom visitors bedazzled the toilet seat in the last stall of the girl’s first-floor bathroom!

The Central meme page on Instagram (@chs_philadelphia_memes) which currently has over 2,000 followers, featured the famous toilet multiple times. Additionally, an actual Instagram fan page was created (chs_bedazzledtoilet).

The bedazzler left messages along with the work which read “I wish Central cared about its students” and “Central hates art it can’t exploit.” Shortly after these words were written, they were all erased. While this lively lavatory sparked the interest of many students and received many visits daily, it intrigued faculty as well. Assistant Principal, Ms. Vanbuskirk, taped a typed note on the wall above the toilet expressing her sadness about the comments written and an invitation for the bedazzler to come forward to discuss her concerns.

The artist has yet to reveal herself or respond, and sadly, one day after Ms. Vanbuskirk’s note the bedazzled toilet seat was gone. Many students believe this won’t be the last of the bedazzler so the real question is, when and where will she strike next?


Nina Feinberg (282)

Staff Writer


The meme page’s first post about the bedazzled toilet. | PC: chs_philadelphia_memes


The meme page’s memorial post for the toilet. | PC: chs_philadelphia_memes


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