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Subject Selection Guide: Honors and Regular Electives

Officiating and Management – Ethan Tom (280)

Officiating and Management taught by Mr. McCray give students the unique opportunity to learn about officiating sports matches. In the classroom, students will cover the responsibilities of referees/officials in football, basketball, baseball, and soccer games, as well as being able to also interact with real collegiate referees. Students will even get the opportunity to officiate games to put their knowledge to the test. In addition to being a great relief to the stress of the Central academic mindset, this class brings awareness to the limited number of referees/officials in the city of Philadelphia, which endangers the many sports programs that depend on these officiating services. If you enjoy playing or watching sports, this is a class for you! 

Spanish 2 Honors – Margaretta Maguire (282)

Spanish 2 Honors is a great class! Even though it’s currently online, Señora Gutierréz leads many fun and engaging games and activities to practice Spanish. So far, we’ve worked on vocabulary, partner activities, verb conjugations, and writing. Right now we’re reading an interesting book called Encontrar tu Voz; it’s about a young girl’s birthday party and all the guests that come to it. The class is interactive and there’s a great classroom dynamic. It’s probably much different in person, but it’s still one of my favorite classes of the day.

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