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Subject Selection Guide: IB Edition

IB Math HL – Sydney French (280)

IB Math HL Analysis and Approach is a class taught at IB by Mrs. Ciobanu. The class is very rigorous, but if you have an interest in math and want a challenge, the course is interesting. Although the course is really interesting, it does take a lot of work. To be in this class, you should be able to comfortably manipulate algebraic equations and understand complex mathematical patterns. Having a strong skill set with algebra is critical for the course. The nice thing about this class is that we focus on a lot of problems that are applied to real-world situations. The class is typically only a small number of students, so you get to connect with your peers and teacher more than an average class. Ms. Ciobanu does a very good job giving extra help or arranging study groups if you need extra help.

IB Chemistry SL – Sydney French (280)

IB Chemistry SL is a course that delves into a deeper understanding of chemistry. Topics in this course include stoichiometric relationships, atomic structure, periodicity, chemical bonding and structure, energetics and thermochemistry, chemical kinetics,  equilibrium, acids and bases, redox processes, organic chemistry, and measurement and data processing. This class is very vigorous and you need to dedicate time outside the classroom to study. My favorite part about this class was our labs. The titration lab was super interesting. 

IB Psychology HL- Ariel Weinbaum (280)

IB psychology is the class to take if you are choosing between humanities and sciences. The class is based on case studies and experiments so there is something for everyone. The HL course structure is fast-paced the first year which allows for a taste of multiple psychological aspects and the second year becomes a deeper dive into topics like abnormal psychology and globalization. The IA provides an amazing, hands-on opportunity to execute an experiment and learn about the scientific process. The class gives a solid psychological background for any future psychology endeavors and the focus on experiments gives great context for any verbal learner. Ms. Snyder does an amazing job of preparing the students for the IB test and provides extensive resources to be able to reference for the future. Overall an amazing class for all IB students no matter what your favorite subject might be.

IB Psychology Chaundra Furin-Campbell (281)

IB Psychology is a super interesting and interactive class! It involves some note-taking, but not too much, and includes many discussions and activities as well. The workload is also very reasonable, and Ms. Snyder is a very energetic and kind teacher. 

IB Philosophy HL – Kate Ratner (280)

IB Philosophy is an incredible class! It’s offered as an elective for 11th and 12th graders and an HL curriculum for students in the IB program. As an HL student, I’ve spent two years in the class with Dr. Drago. Though we read fairly dense philosophical texts and write the occasional paper, the class is often discussion-based. If you are a liberal arts-inclined student or a STEM kid looking for a way to break out of your comfort zone, this class is perfect for you. We delve into Eastern and Western philosophies and discuss their impact on politics, religion, international identities, and day-to-day life. Dr. Drago is a passionate and understanding teacher who is always willing to accommodate our needs and offer one-on-one conversations if you are struggling. IB Philosophy is my designated time of the day to think deeply and to not worry about getting a right or wrong answer, as interpretation is most valuable.

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