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Subject Selection Guide: AP Edition

AP US History – Ethan Tom (280)

If you are a person who likes to be proactive in the classroom and engage with your classmates, then AP US History is the right class for you. I took the class with Ms. Sheldon-Matje, but there are many other teachers who teach APUSH as well. AP US History was an experience that involved more than pure memorization, although memorization is beneficial. This class includes activities such as in-class mock trials, primary source evaluations, and group projects that force you to relive the moments that shaped the United States. AP US History does involve a ton of homework, time, and research, but the class curriculum is composed in such a way as to inspire competition and fascination as a method to motivate quality work. My advice is to take the class unless you are fiercely opposed to in-class interactions. Do not opt-out of the class because you are afraid of the workload. The workload is more than just busy-work; the work prepares you for the AP exam. If you are considering the class, sign up as soon as possible for its first come first serve selection. If you later decide you do not want the class, you can always switch out. 

AP Physics 1 – Mia McElhatton (281)

This class is definitely a challenge but can be very rewarding. I was taught by Dr. Feofanov, but Mr. Ovetsky also teaches a section of the class. I enjoyed learning about the way math and physics are intertwined into every aspect of our world. AP Physics also includes many opportunities to conduct experiments which can be fun. To succeed in this course, you must be prepared for rigorous studying, note-taking, and reaching out for help if you need it. AP courses are a great chance to show colleges that you like to be challenged… you may also score some college credits!

AP Government- Margot Fontaine (280)

This class is very engaging and interesting. The class is taught by Mr. Horwits. Mr.Horwits uses several materials such as AP Classroom, the textbook, and class discussions to tackle how the government works. He makes the class very interactive which helps you understand the material better. There is a lot of work, but it is all meaningful work that helps bring you closer to a 5 on the AP exam and an A in the class. Mr. Horwits wants to help his students succeed and learn the material well. We have gotten to write several papers individually, but we do a lot of group work as well. If you are interested in government, taking this class is for you. If you don’t have the underlying interest the workload may seem like a lot. It is a class that requires you to work hard, but if you work hard, you can obtain the grade you deserve.

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