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The Centralizer has been the source of news for Central students since 1923. As a student-run newspaper, our aim is to be a reflection of student life as well as a forum of insight. To that end we welcome your comments, suggestions and discussion within this new website.

Thank you,
Darya Bershadskaya and Miriam Solowey

Staff for the 2017-2018 school year:

Editors-in-Chief: Darya Bershadskaya and Miriam Solowey

Managing Editors: Ashish Abraham and Despina Evangelopoulas

Online Manager: Jana Pugsley

News Editors:
Mary Elizabeth Greeley
Lena Popkin
Hannah Cheatham

Arts and Entertainment Editors:
Henry McDevitt
Jenny Dong
Karishma Patel

Op-ed Editors:
Dylan Lewis
Elisabeth Moore
Jamie Razler

Sports Editor:
Grace Del Vecchio
Chris Carson

Layout Editor:
Miten Amin

Photography Editors:
Emma Helstrom
Maura Aliprando
Ernesto Estremera

Social Media Coordinator:
Li Chen

Proofreading Editor:
Ruxandra Beschea

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