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The Centralizer has been the source of news for Central students since 1923. As a student-run newspaper, our aim is to be a reflection of student life as well as a forum of insight. To that end we welcome your comments, suggestions and discussion within this new website. Comments that do not adhere to Central High School of Philadelphia’s code of conduct will be deleted.

Thank you,
Miguel Morel & Anna Pugsley

Staff for the 2016-2017 school year:

Editors-in-Chief: Miguel Morel and Anna Pugsley

Managing Editors: Bella Baff and Asa Cadwallader

Online Manager: Darya Bershadskaya

News Editors:
Despina Evangelopoulos
Lena Popkin
Jana Pugsley
Ashish Abraham

Arts and Entertainment Editors:
Henry McDevitt
Koralys Deida
Eugenie St. John-Sutton

Op-ed Editors:
Dylan Lewis
Jamie Razler

Sports Editor:
Kristian Rhim
David Saddic

Layout Editor:
Ayman Ahizoun

Photography Editors:
Emma Helstrom
Ernesto Estremera

Proofreading Editors:
Natasha Chity-Guevara
Miriam Solowey

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